Kaleidopulse – Gravity

Some of these songs are quite long but the artist keeps it lively enough to prevent it from getting boring which is quite tricky in longer songs. Solid release solid builds hope ot see another release form this artist with some more experimentation and variation.

Prom Nightmare – Tamagotchi Dreams

August has been a fairly underwhelming month so far but then I cam across this gem. Maybe it’s just my recent mood or just the fact that I’ve only been finding a bunch of breakchip and lackluster new stuff lately but this EP was a welcome break from the pack. The beats here are slower than I usually like but Prom Nightmare executes some really great story telling with these songs.

If you need a good musically story that’ll leave you feeling like you just listened to someone tell you a story about forlorn love this album is a must. I’m not a huge fan of the first track but second and third tracks really resonated with me for whatever reason.

456 – Cepheus

Man these Swedes know how to make some great chiptune.