Malmen – Fakebit World

A new release from Malmen.  Don’t miss out on this one it’s a really good album.

I have to say this album reminds me of love in the 80’s for some reason.  There was a particular 80’s pop star being channeled during the creation of this album for sure, I just wish I could remember who…

Anyway this full featured album give us a fix of 80’s love ballads with 8bit infused modern EDM.  There are a lot more slow jams on this one which I normally don’t like in my chiptune but Malmen did a great job on his melodies and really brought together a great feeling on this one.

Track list:

  1. Fakebit Love – 03:27
  2. Polarity Shift 04:05
  3. Imaginary Girl 04:11
  4. Nightmare Come True 03:14
  5. Cheese Brickwall 03:44
  6. Shy Around You 03:56
  7. Ice Blast 04:10
  8. Overlord 03:50
  9. Sugar Flow 03:41
  10. Blue Figurine 03:42

The theme of happy 8bit love is persistent through out the album and you can tell the Malmen has really mastered lead melodies with his outstanding variation and well executed breakdowns.  This biggest issue with this album is the lack of experimentation, one of it’s strengths (it’s consistent theme and sound) is also it’s biggest weakness.  Ten tracks all of which have the same lead sound, same same bass the, similar chimes and the same swelling keyboard in the background cause the tracks to blend together and leave you feeling like they are all a continuation of the same song.  The exception to this Fakebit Love which I think is arguably the best song out of the lot.

My favorite songs from best to worst:

  1. Fakebit Love
  2. Imaginary Girl
  3. Cheese Brickwall
  4. Shy Around You
  5. Blue Figurine
  6. Overlord
  7. Ice Blast
  8. Sugar Flow
  9. Nightmare Come True
  10. Polarity Shift

I will definitely be putting this album into my daily rotation as I think the songs will benefit from some separation from each other.  Overall a great album that you don’t want to miss.

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