Let’s Disinfect – Indulgence and Grace

A decent EP with some good tracks.

Wasn’t a fan of track one but “Beyond the Innominate Village” pulled me back from skipping the release entirely. “Ballet of the Chestnuts” has a weak lead which causes the bass to over power, which isn’t bad if your a drums & bass type of person. I got the distinct feeling that most of these songs didn’t know where they wanted to go like too much was going on in different directions with just enough there to hold it together. Indulgence and Grace epitomized this sentiment as the story the artist is trying to tell got lost much like the person in the story I guess. If you can get past the intro Cult of the Severed Head is actually one of the more coherent songs in the album.

This one might grow on me and the artist is good so I would recommend it. It’s one of those borderline recommendations though as there are some thing that stand out in the songs that really detract from the listening experience.

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