Evaleigh – Emily with a V

Get ready for the chiptune rock mashup that will rip your socks off.  This pumped up action RPG in a can reminds me of lukHash a bit but (because of the mashup) but also at times reminds me of bands like Dance, Gavin Dance.  It’s like each song should be the battle theme for it’s own game…

This huge album encompasses over 2 years of the artist’s blood, sweat and tears and it spans from chip-metal to JPop, I mean this guy really went all over the place but maintained a distinct style all his own.

Personally I thought that some of the more metal/rock driven songs would have benefited from a vocalist. However, most of the songs stand so well on their own that introducing a vocalist would have only gotten in the way.  I still stand by it though a lot of these songs needed a vocalist as the inspirations were very rock and metal driven with chiptune added in like a flavor swirled soft serve ice cream cone.


I did start to notice after a while the lack of any bass to help drive some of the underlying melodies that are normally present in Rock and Metal music.  Also in a lot of the songs the “chiptune” element would simply follow the main guitar, this isn’t a bad thing but I think that as he explores the chip side of music a bit more he’ll find new way to integrate it into his music.  This is much more obvious in his earlier work than his later stuff.

Also there is a such thing as too much of a good thing.  22 songs is a great accomplishment but after the first 18 I started to get… distracted and a little bored.  This isn’t to say it’s not good but I hope that in the future the albums are a bit easier to consume.  I like my albums in the 10-15 song range so that I can add what I like to my keeper list and move on.  After while I found myself hitting skip on something I probably would have liked.


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