Chip-Fan is a site dedicated to my passion for Chipmusic.  It’s way for me to document and share my exploration into the extraordinary genre of music.

My primary goal is to post new chip music that’s worth listening too, as I listen to a lot of new stuff some good, some great and some terrible.  The good and the great I keep and share the terrible I leave to rot, so if you’re wondering why certain new releases don’t show up it either because I don’t know about it yet or I didn’t like it.

I am also going to post reviews of albums as a way for artists to get honest feedback about their work from someone who cares.  My words may not always be pleasant but I’ll will always be honest.  If you want to yell at me in the comments feel free.

Things I want to do:

  • Get more people involved in the review and new release postings (contact me if interested “joe (at) chip hyphen fan.com”)
  • Setup an Icecast server and start my own internet radio station for all the music I find.
  • Start a weekly radio show with another person to do interviews with artists and showcase new releases.

Lots to do so check back when you feel the desire.