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Dubmood- New Singles on Spotify

Originally Released in 2013 but new to the world of Spotify users Dubmood has recently released some hard core chiptune masterpieces. If you haven’t checked them out yet check them out now! Dubmood is a legend in the chiptune scene check out more about him on his wiki page.

Kaleidopulse – Gravity

Some of these songs are quite long but the artist keeps it lively enough to prevent it from getting boring which is quite tricky in longer songs. Solid release solid builds hope ot see another release form this artist with some more experimentation and variation. Gravity EP by Kaleidopulse

Evaleigh – Emily with a V

Get ready for the chiptune rock mashup that will rip your socks off.  This pumped up action RPG in a can reminds me of lukHash a bit but (because of the mashup) but also at times reminds me of bands like Dance, Gavin Dance.  It’s like each song should be the battle theme for it’s […]

Electric Children – Reanimate

One word… WOW. So far in the month of August this is the best showing from an artist I’ve been able to find. It’s well put together an excellently executed. It’s really sad that this will be the artist’s last chiptune influenced work so I guess I’ll just have to enjoy it while I can. Jack […]

Chud011 – ZYXW

Skip track one, Allblack is sweet, New Song is cool but gets a bit long winded on it’s self, ZYXW bleats like goat on a boat (which means it’s good for some reason), the Bitemap Allblack remix drops pixelized bit of hotness everywhere (was that a Furby?) and finally the 4DBoy remix of Allblack belonged […]

Joe Bleeps – Escape

This is artist shows a lot of promise. Hope to see more from him in the future. The first four tracks are what really shined to me. That last one is pretty solid as well but the other three at the bottom were strange. Escape by Joe Bleeps