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tkmt – Adventure of tkmt

Adventure of tkmt by tkmt Lot’s of potential.  Keeps music interesting, upbeat and likes to include lot off sounds but blends them well with the rest of the song.  Looking forward to more form this artist.

chipzel – Interstellaria

Interstellaria OST by chipzel Interstellaria was a major departure from chipzel’s roots with LSDJ.  I think for the game’s setting it was necessary to make that shift and I understand it was a huge undertaking that took over two years according to her bandcamp page. Normally I’m not a huge fan of OSTs for games […]

Twistboy – Kittens in Space

While it’s not on Spotify yet you can listen to the EP here. Kittens in Space • TRKD001 by Twistboy Tracks: Takeoff Kittens in Space Cruising Stellar Homecoming First impressions overall this EP has a good upbeat feel to it and kinda a slow jam thing going for it.  Perfect for those Chip nerds out there […]