Chiptune = WIN: Volume 4

This complication is one of the best things I’ve heard this year!  Simply amazing talent brought together all in one place!  There’s variety provided by multiple artists and talent coupled with the fact all of the tracks were obviously constructed with care and well executed.  If you listen to nothing else this year for chiptune make this your listen.  I can not give this more praise!


The ones I would have cut:

  • Theory of N – Pyrrhic – too much FL studio not enough bit sound.
  • Vilianest – Evil Party – Yeah the vocals were too crazy for me.  It’s not bad but not a good fit.
  • Will Bauer – Thaw – just got annoying quickly…

Seriously though you must listen to this…

tkmt – Adventure of tkmt

Lot’s of potential.  Keeps music interesting, upbeat and likes to include lot off sounds but blends them well with the rest of the song.  Looking forward to more form this artist.

chipzel – Interstellaria

Interstellaria was a major departure from chipzel’s roots with LSDJ.  I think for the game’s setting it was necessary to make that shift and I understand it was a huge undertaking that took over two years according to her bandcamp page.

Normally I’m not a huge fan of OSTs for games and generally don’t cover them but chipzel is one of my favorite chiptune artists soooo…   I ran into the same issue I face when I listen to OSTs without having fallen in love with the game first, with out the game’s setting and character context the music just isn’t as enjoyable.  Music gives characters and setting another dimension in an actual game and without those complimentary aspects I’m don’t think this is as enjoyable to listen to.

There are some tracks that I’ll put into my rotation for a while but I’m not sure if they’ll last as long as her other work.

Casion – Casion EP

There are a couple of good songs on the EP hoping to see some more from this artist in the future.

Twistboy – Kittens in Space

While it’s not on Spotify yet you can listen to the EP here.


  1. Takeoff
  2. Kittens in Space
  3. Cruising
  4. Stellar
  5. Homecoming

First impressions overall this EP has a good upbeat feel to it and kinda a slow jam thing going for it.  Perfect for those Chip nerds out there who needed something new for summer.   I can understand why he called it Kittens in Space.  If I’d never heard the album title I would have explained it like this:

It’s sounds like if you were floating in space and then it devolved and there were nyan cats everywhere and then Mario was like “Let’s a Go!” and decided to take you for a joy ride in a space El’Camino.

The first track, Takeoff, had some weird parts where I though my stream was having troubling buffering or something but then I listened a second time, and a third time and it sounded the same, so I’m guessing it was intentional.  The last track, Homecoming, had parts where it felt like it lost it’s purpose.

Cruising had the best hook by far with Kittens in Space coming in a close second.  Kittens in Space brought in the first hook real good and had a nice breakdown in there that I liked but lasted a bit too long.   I think I liked Cruising the most because it had the faster tempo and it’s the kind of stuff I like to work to.  That and the way he modified the hook turned out really well.

Tracks from Best to Worst (IMHO):

  1. Cruising
  2. Kittens in Space
  3. Stellar
  4. Takeoff
  5. Homecoming

Can’t wait to hear more from this artist!!!  Keep it coming!